Children's Book Author and Poet
B.J. Lee
Gators and panthers and crabs, oh my! The classic
cumulative tale There Was an Old Lady gets a
Floridian flourish in this charming adaptation. Down in
the southern swamps a hungry gator accidentally
swallows a moth. Of course, he swallows a crab to get
the moth! What will he swallow next? The gator
predictably continues swallowing bigger and bigger
creatures until the unexpected happens―all over the
page! Along the way to its hilarious ending, the story―
strengthened by the delightful illustrations―
introduces readers of all ages to the many critters,
both big and small, of the Florida swamp. With a
familiar use of repetition and an abundance of rhythm,
this silly story is perfect for read-aloud experiences.

Pelican Publishing
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